Fosber Asia Product Launch was successfully held

11 Apr, 2024

SinoCorrugated South 2024 was grandly opened on Apr. 10, 2024. On the first day of the exhibition, Fosber Asia Product Launch was held at 8C270, Hall 8, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an New Hall), China.


During the launch, Mr. Zhao Qingjun, General Manager of Fosber Asia, first shared the excellent results achieved by Fosber Asia in 2023, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all sectors of society, customers, and all employees who have supported Fosber Asia. Then Mr. Zhao Qingjun introduced Fosber Asia's new product S/Line 370 and the 'Instant Set' double-module slitter scorer which was designed to address short runs and small orders, along with its excellent performance in actual production. Finally, Mr. Zhao Qingjun provided an update on Fosber Asia's new intelligent factory project. The new factory was successfully topped out in January this year and will be put into use later this year. The completion of the new factory will be a significant milestone in Fosber Asia's history, helping Fosber Asia to further achieve long-term stable and sustainable growth.


At the launch, Mr. Huang, R&D Director of Fosber Asia, explained in detail the technical design features and advantages of double-module slitter scorer, focusing on how the Instant Set realizes order change in 1-3 seconds. Following that, an interview was conducted with Mr. Zhao Zeqiang, Manufacturing Director of Shantou Dong She Paper Mill in Southern China. Mr. Zhao Zeqiang reviewed the history of cooperation with Fosber Asia and highly praised Fosber Asia's S/Line 370 and Instant Set. Lastly, we visited Dong She Paper Mill in Southern China through live actions and witnessed the S/Line 370 high-speed corrugator with Instant Set. Under the order structure of an average of 650 orders per day, we observed how the corrugator achieves high efficiency and produces high-quality cardboard under the management team of Dong She.


Amidst the enthusiastic atmosphere, Fosber Asia Product Launch was ended successfully. The exhibition lasted for three days, and the excitement continues! If you are interested in the live actions at Dong She Paper Mill, you are welcome to join Fosber's live broadcast and recording activities in the next two days. We'll be waiting for you at Booth 8C270!