Fosber Asia Achieved Great Success at SinoCorrugated 2023

14 Jul, 2023

SinoCorrugated 2023 was grandly opened on Jul. 12, 2023. Fosber Asia had been displayed at 2A01, Hall 2.1, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), China.


At the exhibition, Fosber Asia displayed the new product Instant Set on site, which attracted strong interest and wide attention of visitors. In order to meet our customers' demand for increasing short orders, Fosber Asia especially design the Instant Set for Asian market, which can speed up the order change and thus greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, we also show Instant Set details to customers through holographic technology during the exhibition. In the holographic project room, the gorgeous 3D effects by holographic projection attract everyone's attention, allowing customers to feel the visual impact of the products closely.


On July 11 just before the exhibition, one factory of Fosber Asia Pro/Line in Shanghai welcomed the first group of overseas guests. About 40 overseas visitors visited Kunshan Jinyu Paper Products Co., Ltd. on the afternoon of July 11. After carefully studying the production and management experience of Kunshan's local leading paper packaging enterprises, the group returned with satisfaction. At the same time, the Pro/Line 320 of Fosber Asia with a width of 2.8 meters and a design speed of 320mpm left a deep impression on the visiting group.


In addition, on the first day of SinoCorrugated, our sales signings were in full swing. At 11:18, Fosber Asia first held a signing ceremony with Shantou Dongshe Paper Products Co., Ltd., the leading enterprise in the packaging industry in South China. Mr. Zhao Zeqiang, the general manager of Dongshe Paper Products Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhou Wenxi, the general manager, arrived at the signing site. Mr. Zhao Zeqiang and Mr. Marco Bertola, CEO of Fosber Group, signed the contract together. Shantou Dongshe Paper purchased a new 2.8m Fosber high speed corrugator production line S/Line 370 equipped with a new Instant Set. At the exhibition site, Shantou Dongshe Paper also gave Fosber Asia with a silk banner to congratulate the cooperation with Dongfang Precision Group and Fosber Asia and wish the exhibition a complete success.


At 11:38, we had a signing ceremony with Jining Jiaxing Packaging Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Zhaoyun, chairman of Jining Jiaxing Packaging Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wu Xiaodong, general manager, came to the scene. Jining Jiaxing has previously purchased Fosber Asia Pro/Line 320 corrugator production line with width of 2.8 meters. After the equipment was put into production, the performance was good, and the quality of the produced cardboard was stable and high. At this exhibition, Mr. Wu Xiaodong, General Manager of Jining Jiaxing and Mr. Zhao Qingjun, General Manager of Fosber Asia, signed the contract. The guests witnessed the repurchase of Pro/Line 320 corrugator production line with width of 2.8 meters by Jining Jiaxing. The purchase is a high recognition of the quality of Fosber Asia's intelligent corrugator production line.


At 11:58 on July 12, a signing ceremony was held with Shandong Dexin New Material Paper Products Co., Ltd. Shandong Dexin New Material Paper Products Co., Ltd. purchased Fosber corrugator production line Pro/Line 320. Mr. Wang Baozhuang, chairman of the Shandong Liaocheng Guanxian Political Consultative Conference, leader of the textile and garment and paper product industry chain, Mr. Tian Zengbo, vice chairman of the Shandong Liaocheng Guanxian Political Consultative Conference, Mr Shi Wenfei, member of the party group of the Shandong Liaocheng Guanxian Development and Reform Bureau, and director of the County Key Project Service Center, Mr. Wang Haiming, Secretary General of China Paper Upstream and Downstream Industry Alliance Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. He Jinhai, Chairman of Shandong Hengsheng Paper Products Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Gong Zengmin, Chairman of Shandong Dexin New Material Paper Products Co., Ltd. and Mr. Liu Jianqiang, Domestic Vice General Manager of Fosber Asia, signed the cooperation agreement.


On the second day of the exhibition, at 14:38 on July 13, Chen Qiping, general manager of Hebei Dongjing Packaging, and Mr. Marco Bertola, CEO of Fosber Group signed the cooperation agreement. Hebei Dongjing Packaging newly purchased Fosber Pro/Line 320 intelligent corrugator production line. Hebei Dongjing Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in Quzhou County, Handan, the ancient capital of Zhao State. It is a comprehensive packaging enterprise with a large scale and a good reputation in Handan City. The factory covers an area of more than 67 acres, with a workshop area of more than 40,000 square meters. It has a corrugator production line with a width of 2.5 meters, 2 printing machines and subsequent carton forming equipment, etc. It mainly produces various corrugated packaging cardboard and carton products. The daily output can reach 300,000 square meters. Dongjing Packaging takes high-quality development as its goal, emphasizes quality, seeks innovation, emphasizes credibility, takes responsibility, pursues excellence and has won unanimous praise from industry users.


Fosber Asia SinoCorrugated 2023 had achieved great success. For this exhibition, Fosber welcomed guests from all over the world, cooperated with many customers and participated in the grand event together and planned the future. Fosber is always FOR YOU, WITH YOU.