Fosber Team


Marco Bertola

General Manager


Marco Bertola

Obtained the Professional Diploma with the title of Expert in Mechanical Engineering in 1998, in the same year Marco was hired in Fosber as Field Service Engineer.
After the interruption for military service, he back to Fosber in 2001 and was promoted as Mechanical Designer. In this department, he will take part in important projects for the development of the Dry-End machines, becoming also project leader.
Just 5 years later he was promoted to Production Supervisor, initially by following the machines that he had designed in our R&D department, then following them in production and commissioning.
After 2 years in the production department, Marco was commissioned to create the Outsourcing Process for the production of Fosber as Outsourcing Production Manager.
From 2008 to 2015 he created a network of partners able to produce our machines and one team of Fosber people able to following process and quality control of our specifications. With this project, at the end of 2015 we was able to covering 60% of production needs, guaranteeing the quality level synonymous of Fosber.
Since 2016, Marco has been tasked with creating the new Chinese Start-Up as General Manager called Fosber Asia, established after the acquisition of the Fosber Group by DongFang Group.
With the support of Dongfang Precision Group and starting from a project that carried out in Italy and a thirty-five people Chinese team, today Fosber Asia is able to produce the complete corrugator line, to guarantee quality and service, which are the main features of Fosber, with one production base in Foshan and two service centers in Shanghai and Tianjin.